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The First Marblementery

Not a marble

He came from nowhere. He had a meteoric rise, and he quickly became the leading figure in sand racing. But suddenly, it all fell apart. MSPN proudly presents the inside story of a marble's rise and fall. His journey to the top and his massive scandal. His friends and his enemies, his fans and his critics.

Image: Picture of the marble Red Number 3 in a dark hole, with dim spotlights shining of them from above.

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Our committee consistently prioritizes quality and communication as the means to advance marble sports. In our inception, the IMC aided Jelle's Marble Runs in offering many extras—while overseeing, assuring, and bettering the overall quality of the brand. Without the IMC, the caliber that the 2018 MarbleLympics reached would not have been realized. With our reformation, our new mission is to unite marble sports creators, advise them on their work, and spread their creations, both individually and collectively, to the world.





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