+ + + The O'rangers claim the gold medal of Halfpipe in big fashion, setting a new ML record + + + Minty Maniacs continue to lead the championship standings + + + Next up: E3 Funnel Endurance on Friday 3 July @3pm EDT / 20:00 BST + + + Savage Speeders in shock after coming in at the bottom of the standings + + + The spider-cam for 5M Sprint will be back for the main event + + + Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is the head sponsor of the ML2020 + + + Marbula One Season 2 expected for autumn 2020 + + +

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3 July: E3 Funnel Endurance
@ 3pm EDT / 20:00 BST
9 July: E4 Newton's Cradle
@ 3pm EDT / 20:00 BST

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#ML2020 is here!

After nearly a year of anticipation, the 2020 Marble League, sponsored by Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, is almost here! Sixteen teams will compete for the gold in sixteen athletic events that challenge their prowess in speed, endurance, accuracy, perseverance, and more! The team with the most points at the end of the tournament will be the champions of the season! Tune in for the opening ceremony on 21 June!

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