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The IMC is the independent committee for all Marble Sport events around the globe. Our goal is to grow the popularity of marble sports and to introduce the human world to it. With our resources we thrive to increase the quality of these events by helping our partners wherever we can: We help with the design of events and rules, the design of graphics, sound effects, voice overs, commentary, scripts, video production, promotion of our partners on social media and many more. Our impulse is our passion for this, our motivation is the community. And our loyalty is to the sport!

What We Do

The overall task of this committee is to ensure that all official Marble Sport events run smoothly and without any complications. If a creator wishes, we review every event before it is being released to ensure no mistakes have made it into the final upload. Although our creators listen a lot to marble fans around the world themselves, we support them in doing so – especially during the events, when top priority is to have every upload aired on time. We listen to your complaints, we listen to your wishes or anything you have to say about the events and together we will find solutions for any given problems.

How We Function

On our main discussion platform, which is currently on discord, we communicate and discuss any Marble Sport related matter. We review your mails, your tweets, comments beneath any event and evaluate how satisfied you are. We depend on your feedback so please don’t hesitate to contact us and share your opinion. It is our task to handle criticism and we are trained to stay professional while doing so – there is nothing bad about feedback and we are absolutely aware of that.

Our Structure

The committee was reformed and reorganised by Mellacus, with the great help of the IMC Members. To ensure order within this whole network and a fair exposure to our partners we completely reworked our structure and policies:

The IMC Council is overseeing everything that happens within our committee and the network. They make major decisions, discuss any matter that need to be addressed and ensure our policies are being observed. Partners are not eligible for this position.

The IMC Members are the working force of our committee and assist our Partners wherever they can in providing all kinds of services based on their skills. Our Members are the very best of the marble sports community and passed an intense application process to ensure their suitability for this committee.

The IMC Partners are the creators of our networks with their individual channels on YouTube. They benefit from the unity of our network and the skills of our talented Members, forming the foundation of our Marble Sports Network.

Become an IMC Member

As of now, the IMC is invitation based – meaning that you cannot directly apply to join. However, you can request to be monitored by our officers within the community and possibly be invited, if you meet the requirements. The amount of officers is limited to an absolute minimum, as our past experience has shown that bigger groups are not appropriate for this task. Please remember: All members are volunteers and don’t get paid to help – this requires a huge amount of dedication and motivation to the cause of helping our little friends (but big champions!) to roll safely. The only thing we get in return is a huge amount of love and appreciation by the community and an honorary position in the World’s leading Marble Sport events (which is amazing, to be honest).

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