Jelle's Marble Runs Committee

The JMRC, short for the Jelle’s Marble Runs Committee, is directly involved in consulting with and advising Jelle on his videos. Our goal is to maintain the quality of marble sports established by JMR and to extend its popularity throughout the world. With our resources, we help JMR wherever we can: We debate the design of videos, events, and rules, establish official canon, maintain the wiki, run social media promotion, and much more. Our impulse is our passion for this, our motivation is the community, and our loyalty is to the sport!

What We Do

The overall task of this committee is to ensure that all JMR Original Series run smoothly and without any complications. We review every event before it is released to ensure no mistakes have made it into the final upload, and ensure that every event is released on time. But perhaps most importantly, we consult with the JMR fanbase daily, which is commonly active on our Official Jelle’s Marblebase Discord and on our subreddit, r/JellesMarbleRuns. We listen to your complaints, we listen to your wishes or anything you have to say about the events, and together we will find solutions for any given problems.

How We Function

On our main discussion platform, which is currently on Discord, we communicate and discuss any JMR-related matter. We review your messages, your tweets, and your comments beneath any event and evaluate how satisfied you are. We function best when we receive feedback, so please don’t hesitate to contact us and share your opinion. It is our task to handle criticism and we are trained to stay professional while doing so. In the end, we all want the same thing – for Jelle’s Marble Runs to have the best content possible and for we, the fans, to enjoy said content as much as possible.

Our Members


Discord : Mellacus#2187
Reddit : u/GrandAdmiralMellacus

Mellacus, president of the committee, founded the JMRC on 10 February 2019. He has been helping Jelle for 2 years now, he is the PR-Manager and consultant of Jelle’s Marble Runs, a moderator of the subreddit, and just an amazing guy. If there is one person completely crazy for the Marble League, it’s Mellacus, he has done absolutely everything for this community and proved that time and time again. He composed the soundtrack of 2018, and helped with the 2019 one. He also runs the JMRC website ( and the JMRC Twitter account (

Little Mighty

Discord : Little Mighty#8423
Reddit : u/LittleMighty_

LittleMighty, consultant and regulator, joined the JMRC in early 2019. He hosted the fan vote for team captains and coaches and wrote other important Reddit and Discord posts. In mid-2019, LittleMighty started a Marble League magazine called The Rollout, which has released two issues so far. (


Discord : Stynth#4271
Reddit : u/skystrykr

Stynth, writer and consultant, joined the JMRC in early 2019. He is to lore writing what Shakespeare is to playwriting; a genius at writing and has done an enormous amount of work for the JMR Wiki. He has his own series on the Marble Sports website, “RetRollSpective” which establishes lore for the Marble League, and is also a writer for The Rollout. In addition to lore writing, Stynth is a subreddit moderator and runs the Marble League Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter social media accounts ( 


Discord : Gee#6432
Reddit : u/geeism

Gee, advisor, joined JMRC during the time between the qualifiers and the Marble League.

Gee has a realistic solution for everything. He is one of the main people who helps with all kinds of decisions, from penalty points to locations of filming. He specifically knows a lot about the Marble Rally and has made beautiful graphs about scoring systems and standings in the past. Gee, along with LittleMighty, had the original idea for the fan voted teams to be in Showdown.


Discord: darkarchon#4313
Reddit : u/darkarchon11
Dark, consultant, joined the JMRC the same time as Gee. He is an ingenious inventor—for example, he made the boats that were used in Rafting during Marble League 2019, designing and 3D printing them. He also helped with the hurdles trying out different kind of designs to make them, surfing to help think of a way we could make them float on little surfing planks, and made the trophy and podium for the Marble League and the Marble Rally. In his free time, Dark streams “Marble’s on Stream” every Sunday at


Discord :  Betawolfs#2652
Reddit : u/betawolfs

Betawolfs, artist and consultant, joined in the beginning of the 2019 Marble League. Beta is like the Stynth of Marble League artwork. She has worked on a ton of projects where she continuously delivers masterpieces. During the fan vote, her team (the Woodland Foxes) had many votes because their logo and artwork were so good. Whenever we need help with artwork for articles or other projects, Beta comes in clutch. She designed the Seven Seas Stadium and helps with lore writing. In her free time, she can be found drawing marble polaroids, which you can commission and purchase yourself from her independently of JMRC at


Discord : PAX#9103
Reddit : u/pax2e

Pax, analyst and writer, is the newest addition to our team and joined JMRC halfway  through the Marble League 2019. He knows everything about the numbers of Marble League and helped build up the JMR Wiki. He knows so much about ML if you ask him who came in 3rd in the 5th event of ML17 he probably knows. Pax also works closely with the Marble Rally, and is responsible for the scoring system of the Marble Rally 2019. He runs the Twitter account of the Marble Rally (


Discord: Alayjo#6969

Reddit: u/Alayjo

Alayjo, artist and consultant, is known in our community for his great social media skills. He got interested in the Marble League during the middle of the 2019 competition, and soon after took initiative to try and immerse the community through social media and artwork with his brother, creating amazing montages along the way (especially for their Mellow Yellow Twitter account) as well as the Marbula One team posters. Alayjo runs the Marbula One social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram (


Discord: foucaulf#5847

Reddit: u/JMR_throwaway

Tom, analyst and consultant, and did a lot of seriously impressive analysis on not only the marbles’ performances but also on how the JMR channel performs. He was hooked onto the Marble League after the 2019 qualifiers and started collecting data to understand why some marbles seem faster and fitter than others. He’s helping with Marble League planning to make ML20 the most exciting Marble League yet.

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