Jelle's Marble Runs Committee

The JMRC, short for the Jelle’s Marble Runs Committee, is directly involved in consulting with and advising Jelle on his videos. Our goal is to maintain the quality of marble sports established by JMR and to extend its popularity throughout the world. With our resources, we help JMR wherever we can: We debate the design of videos, events, and rules, establish official canon, maintain the wiki, run social media promotion, and much more. Our impulse is our passion for this, our motivation is the community, and our loyalty is to the sport!

What We Do

The overall task of this committee is to ensure that all JMR Original Series run smoothly and without any complications. We review every event before it is released to ensure no mistakes have made it into the final upload, and ensure that every event is released on time. But perhaps most importantly, we consult with the JMR fanbase daily, which is commonly active on our Official Jelle’s Marblebase Discord and on our subreddit, r/JellesMarbleRuns. We listen to your complaints, we listen to your wishes or anything you have to say about the events, and together we will find solutions for any given problems.

How We Function

On our main discussion platform, which is currently on Discord, we communicate and discuss any JMR-related matter. We review your messages, your tweets, and your comments beneath any event and evaluate how satisfied you are. We function best when we receive feedback, so please don’t hesitate to contact us and share your opinion. It is our task to handle criticism and we are trained to stay professional while doing so. In the end, we all want the same thing – for Jelle’s Marble Runs to have the best content possible and for we, the fans, to enjoy said content as much as possible.

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