Keep an Eye Out | #001

What to watch for on every team in the Qualifiers

Balls of Chaos – BoC had, what was to most, a surprisingly good season last year. Starting with the qualifiers and throughout nearly the entire season. One thing to watch is their fierce rivalry with Team Primary that was sparked in last year’s Qualifiers. Also keep an eye on their consistency. Was last year a fluke?

Chocolatiers – There’s not a whole lot to say about them. They missed out on last year’s game and watch out for some fierce competition coming from Choco to attempt to avoid that fate again.

Crazy Cat’s Eyes – I’m glad this wasn’t one of the many teams to duck out of this year’s competition. CCE struggled at times, but they shined at others. They medaled multiple times, which is more than most can say, and they set a Biathlon ML record. I’d expect them to continue to improve and be a more consistent threat.

Green Ducks – The talk of a good portion of the community over recent weeks. A late entry into the games may not bode well, but an underdog story could lead the Ducks at least into the main competition.

Hazers – I truly believed in the Hazers last season when no one did. And now they have a huge wave of momentum coming off of a stellar rookie season. They will need to improve on consistency, but this team has the talent to compete for a championship. There’s no doubt in my mind they make it in. The question is what kind of statement will they make heading into the real thing?

Indigo Stars – Although I’m not a fan of the name change, this may have been the best thing for the Stars. Originally introduced as the Purple Stars, the team battled back mental health issues back in 2017 to claim a spot in the Qualifiers. It’s another touching story that could give them the strength to get in as a rookie team.

Jawbreakers – The candy-themed team has seen less than their fair share of sweet moments in their ML history. They’ll try to change their fate, but with so many new, young teams on the rise; things aren’t looking good for the Jawbreakers.

Jungle Jumpers – The slackers. The team notoriously bad at the beginning of ML17 who went on to find some success near the end, only to not show up for the final event. They also missed the competition last season. After a win in the practice race, things might be looking up for JJ… if they can keep themselves out of trouble.

Kobalts – The Kobalts seemed to have gotten more popular during 2018 than both 16 & 17 combined, despite missing 2 straight seasons. Coming off of a heart-breaking 1 point loss in the Qualifiers last season, it’s time to see what the Kobalts and made of.

Limers – Despite winning their first ever gold medal in 2018, the Limers have seemed to decline. They’re at most staying steady, which is not a good sign for this team. Their hope lies with the inexperienced teams. If the rookie and second years teams do well, I don’t the Limers get in this season.

Mellow Yellow – One of the most burning questions for fans in 2018 was wondering if Mellow Yellow’s performance was the start of a decline that came up really quick. They went in as favourites and came out in 15th, lucky to stay out of the basement. The obvious question is can MY take a step backwards and forget about last season and go back to their winning ways?

Pinkies – Oh, the Pinkies. They finished dead last in 2018 with no signs of improving. The chances of them making it this year are slim. The only positive here is they are back to their old design, maybe that could spark something? (Look I’m trying okay)

Raspberry Racers – The other great rookie team we saw last season. Everyone expected their “rivalry” with the Limers to play a role in 2018, but it was not even close enough to call a rivalry. They put all distraction behind them and that’s a great mindset to take into a competition like this.

Rojo Rollers – Although they have supposedly one of the best ML athletes heading their team, the Rollers have missed consecutive seasons. Last year they were cut by 1 point, which could spark a fire in them to do just a little better than they thought possible.

Shining Swarm – With newfound fans behind them, the Swarm will try and dig themselves out of the hole that we call irrelevance. They’ve seemingly disappeared recently and now is a better time than any to step back into the limelight.

Snowballs – They started 2018 off strong at home, but slipped in the standings and finished mid-pack. Last year they were given an automatic spot for hosting, after they missed the season in 2017. Will they revert back to their old form or can they try to hold onto the slight success that was ML18?

Team Galactic – Another favourite from last season who slipped in the standings in 2018. After a great end to 2017 and a great start to the 2018 Qualifiers, Galactic seemed to be a heavy favourite going into ML18, but they just couldn’t hold up the hype. I’d look for Galactic to shield themselves from the media in an effort to recapture the magic.

Team Momo – Or should I say Team Injuries? Momo struggled last season even before multiple injuries and merging with Team Primary. I’m not sure that you can count on Momo this season with all of the up-and-coming teams. Keep an eye on Momomomo as he refuses to call it quits.

Team Primary – Primary has been historically good to start seasons, however they failed to qualify last year after their run-in with Balls of Chaos. Add in the team bonds they may have broken when Prim and Mary agreed to merge with Momo last season, and Primary is tough to read. They could be anywhere from great to terrible.

Thunderbolts – Once huge threats in Marble League competition, the Thunderbolts seem to be one of the teams that was left in the past. They need to forget their past success and focus on the future or else this team will only continue to fall off the radar of fans.

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