MarbleLympics 2019 E4 Event Review – Gravitrax Slalom

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The fourth event of the MarbleLympics is the Gravitrax Slalom, which is a new event concocted just for this year! This event is going to be a good one! A lot of teams are looking for a finish to keep there hopes up for the rest of the lympics. Let’s see what happened!

The first heat of the event involves the Savage Speeders, Raspberry Racers, Balls of Chaos and the Oceanics. Oceanics came into 2019, as one of the favourites and has not really shown us much so far. Savage Speeders are still the number one team, but more poor finishes could change that with 12 more events. Balls of Chaos and Raspberry Racers both are in the lower end of the standings and need a good showing here to keep there hopes up. The Raspberry Racers and Savage Speeders are the teams to move on! Raspberry racers were showing speed on that and seem to have been practicing for this event.

The second heat of the event involves the Midnight Wisps, Team Galactic, Hazers and Jungle Jumpers. Midnight Wisps are in the middle of the standings and are hoping for a podium finish today. Team Galactic is also in the middle of the pack and hoping for a better showing then there past events. Hazers are in second place overall and want to keep their momentum from there amazing showing in the third event balancing. Jungle Jumpers are very low in the standings at the moment and need anything at this point. Jungle Jumpers and Midnight Wisps are the two teams to move on! Both were a second or less slow than the other two finishing teams of the first event. Hazers in dead last? Will that change their lead in the standings?

The third heat of the event involves Crazy Cat Eyes, Chocolatiers, O’rangers and the Green Ducks. Crazy Cat Eyes have been making strides with a bronze medal in the third event and hoping for more of the same in this one. Chocolatiers are in the low middle of the standings and hoping for something to show for in this one. O’rangers were one of the teams to supposed to make big moves this year and let their vocal fans down for now, will it change today? Finally, the Green Ducks are in a comfortable spot at the moment but looking for a medal in this event. Crazy Cat Eyes and the Green Ducks move on! Crazy Cat Eyes with a great showing in this one, with Green Ducks not far behind O’rangers fans are stunned after there finish, their section sits there completely silent!

The last heat of the event before Semifinals involves Mellow Yellow, Indigo Stars, Pinkies and the Thunderbolts. Mellow Yellow is dead in the middle of the standings with high hopes for this event. Indigo Stars are in the lower spectrum of the standings and need more points or a podium finish to keep there hopes alive. Thunderbolts gained a bronze medal in the last event and are making strides, hopefully, they can keep it up in this event. Indigo Stars and Mellow Yellow advance! All the teams were super close, with milliseconds separating all the teams.

Semi-Final Group A starts involving the Raspberry Racers, Midnight Wisps, Crazy Cat Eyes and Mellow Yellow. Raspberry Racers and Crazy Cat Eyes move onto the finals while Midnight Wisps and Mellow Yellow have to go home. A close race, anybody could have had it but teamwork, in the end, proved to help out the finishers.

Semi-Final Group Be starts involving the Green Ducks, Jungle Jumpers, Indigo Stars and the Savage Speeders. Green Ducks and Jungle Jumpers move on, after starting slow. But again teamwork forced more speed which passed the Indigo Stars and Savage Speeders, causing them to move on. Indigo Stars and Savage Speeders go home disappointed.

The finals start involving the Jungle Jumpers, Green Ducks, Raspberry Racers and the Crazy Cat Eyes. Crazy Cat Eyes with the lead in the whole event, the Raspberry Racers make it interesting in the end, only losing by only nine milliseconds! What an event!


Ending Leaderboard for Event Four – Gravitrax Slalom

Gold – Crazy Cat Eyes + 25 pts
Silver – Raspberry Racers + 20 points
Bronze – Jungle Jumpers + 15 pts
4th – Green Ducks + 12 pts
5th – Mellow Yellow + 11 pts
6th – Midnight Wisps + 10 pts
7th – Indigo Stars + 9 pts
8th – Savage Speeders + 8 pts
9th – Chocolatiers + 7 pts
10th – Team Galactic + 6 pts
11th – Thunderbolts + 5 pts
12th – Balls of Chaos + 4 pts
13th – O’rangers + 3 pts
14th – Pinkies + 2 pts
15th – Hazers + 1 pts
16th – Oceanics + 0 pts

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