MarbleLympics 2019 Episode 5 Event Preview – 5 Meter Sprint

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We come into this event after the Gravitrax, with new teams like the Crazy Cat Eyes showing everyone they deserve to be in here. But what happened? Read below to find out!

The first heat of the event involves Astron from Team Galactic whose team is in the middle of the pack and needs a good showing in this event. Billy is racing for the Green Ducks, the Green Ducks have been a force so far and hope to keep up there momentum! Hop is racing for the Jungle Jumpers, who are currently in the bottom of the standings and need something to keep their spirits alive for this event. Tumuit is racing for the Balls of Chaos a team which has not provided much so far in this MarbleLympics. Jungle Jumpers start the race far in lead but are passed by both the Green Ducks and Team Galactic right before the finish line! Green Ducks and Team Galactic will be moving on!

The second heat of the event involves Whizzy racing for the Savage Speeders who are the number one overall in the standings so far! With so many teams nipping at there feet they need to keep winning events or have the chance of falling down in the leaderboards. Yellow the captain of Mellow Yellow and is racing for his team. Mellow Yellow is currently locked in a decent position in the standings and is hoping to move up! Gogo is racing for the Indigo Stars whose team is slowing rising in the standings but still in the lower half. The last racer is Pinkydink for the Pinkies, the Pinkies are dead last in the standings and need anything to happen in this event. Indigo Stars and Mellow Yellow are fast from the beginning, neck and neck. Savage Speeders seem to be stuck on the wall of there lane, decreasing their speed. Mellow Yellow narrowly take the win from the Indigo Stars in the end! Mellow Yellow and Indigo Stars will be moving on! A poor showing from Savage Speeders this is sure to hurt there lead in the MarbleLympics 2019.

The third heat of the event involves Smoggy racing for the Hazers. Hazers are second overall in the standings and can pass the Savage Speeders in the standings with a good showing in this event. Rozzy is racing for the Raspberry Racers. RR is currently in fourth place in the standings and hopefully can find themselves with another podium finish in this event. Orangin is racing for the O’Rangers. O’Rangers being one of the favoured teams have not even scratched the surface of what most people thought they were going to do this year. They are 14th in the standings. The last racer is Wispy for the Midnight Wisps who are in the lower half of the standings, even though they pre-qualified this year in the MarbleLympics. They know they can do better and hope to prove it this event. The race starts and the O’Rangers seem to be another level flying down, but Hazers are catching up, who won? They ended neck and neck. The cameras show the Orangers edge out the Hazers for the win! O’rangers and Hazers will be moving on!

The last heat of the event before Semifinals involves Green Eye from the Crazy Cat Eyes who really have come out of nowhere in the last events and showing all the older teams that they deserve to be here! Bolt is racing for the Thunderbolts. The Thunderbolts are middle of the pack even with one silver medal. Cocoa is racing for the Chocolatiers. Chocolatiers are looking for something to move them father up the leaderboards in this event. The last racer is Sea racing for the Oceanics. Oceanics came in as one of the favourites and have disappointed many people’s predictions. They need a strong finishing in this event. Chocolatiers with a strong starting to this event, with Crazy Cat Eyes right there. Crazy Cat Eyes even with them clawing back, in the end, cannot pull off the comeback win, with the Chocolatiers winning instead. Crazy Cat Eyes and Chocolatiers are moving on to the semifinals!

Semi-Final Group A begins with these four racers, Yellow representing Mellow Yellow, Cocoa representing the Chocolatiers, Astron representing Team Galactic and finally Smoggy representing the Hazers. Throughout the first half of the race, all racers are neck and neck. Nobody seems to be giving an inch in this one. A little farther and Astron is beginning to drop behind a little with Coca. Yellow gains a slight lead with Smoggy passing Coca and then Yellow to end up in first place! What a great start to the Semifinals! Chocolatiers and Mellow Yellow will be the two teams moving onto the finals!

Semi-Final Group B begins with these four racers, Gogo representing the Indigo Stars, Orangin representing the O’rangers, Billy representing the Green Ducks and Green Eye representing the Crazy Cat Eyes. Green Eye and Billy with a significant lead throughout the first half of the five meters. Orangin seems to have had a bad start, behind by quite a bit. Gogo is a few seconds behind Billy but could still be in the running. Billy gains the speed needed and passes Green Eye at the last second to win the race! Green Ducks and Crazy Cat Eyes will be moving on to the finals!

The finals begin with the last four remaining racers, one of these teams will be going home without finishing on the podium. Billy is in the inside lane representing the Green Ducks. The middle lane is Smoggy representing the Hazers. Green Eye is in the third lane representing the Crazy Cat Eyes and Yellow is on the outside lane representing the Mellow Yellow. Mellow Yellow has a slight lead in the first half with Green Eye close behind. Billy is a second behind Green Eye in second, with Smoggy close behind him. Smoggy manages to take second place from Green Eye at the last second after Yellow takes the first place and the gold medal for this team! What a finish!


Final Leaderboard Event 5 – 5 Meter Sprint

1) Yellow with Mellow Yellow with the Gold Medal and 15 pts
2) Smoggy – Hazers with the Silver Medal and 14 pts
3) Green Eye – Crazy Cat Eyes with the Bronze Medal and 13 pts
4) Billy – Green Ducks 12 pts
5) Gogo – Indigo Stars 11 pts
6) Cocoa – Chocolatiers 10 pts
7) Astron – Team Galactic 9 pts
8) Orangin – O’rangers 8 pts
9) Rozzy – Raspberry Racers 7 pts
10) Hop – Jungle Jumpers 6 pts
11) Bolt – Thunderbolts 5 pts
12) Sea – Oceanics 4 pts
13) Tumult – Balls of Chaos 3 pts
14) Pinkydink – Pinkies 2 pts
15) Wispy – Midnight Wisps 1pt
16) Whizzy – Savage Speeders 0pts

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