MarbleLympics 2019 Event 3 Review: Balancing

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The third event of the MarbleLympics 2019, Balancing, was released on April 26, 2019. We came into the event after the first two events where the Savage Speeders earned gold medals both times. Many fans came in wondering if their streak would continue and the Savage Speeders fanbase hoped for that outcome. But what happened? Read below for the event and the results!

The O’rangers were the first competitors of the event and came in hoping to forget what happened to them in the second event. They ended this event with a below average showing coming with a total of 229 points. None of the racers were able to make it to the green tile, with the highest marble coming in with 100 points.

Oceanics were the second competitors of the event, coming out with a better showing than the last event with 234 total points.

Pinkies were the the third team of the event and looking for some points to make up for their poor showing in the second event. Pinkies again seemed to be lacking, not being able to put their heads together even with one of their teammates getting 105 points. Their total came to 200 points.

Jungle Jumpers were the fourth team in the event and looked to gain some traction in the MarbleLympics with something to keep their spirits up. Jungle Jumpers had a poor showing, only accumulating 154 points.

Crazy Cat Eyes were the fifth team in the event and looked to jump in the leaderboards after below average showings in the first two events. They finished impressively with two finisher and came away with 351 points, which was a new MarbleLympics record!

Indigo Stars followed up as the sixth team in the event and needed to accumulate a better showing if they had any hope for the future. The team had one finisher, but also one member who fell off early. Their total was not enough with 215 total points.

Mellow Yellow was the seventh team and looked to make a impact here. They had a finisher and earned a total of 273 points, putting them into second place at that point.

The Midnight Wisps followed up as the eighth team. Fans know them as being a strong team with some serious finishes in past events. They are ones to be feared if they are on. Their attempt gave them a finisher, but most other teammates ended up with low scores. They earned 220 total points and remained in the fifth spot at that point.

The scoreboard looks like this at the end of the Wisps run.
    1. Crazy Cat Eyes with 351 points
    2. Mellow Yellow with 273 points
    3. Oceanics with 234 points
    4. O’rangers with 226 points
    5. Midnight Wisps with 220 points
    6. Indigo Stars with 215 points
    7. Pinkies with 200 points
    8. Jungle Jumpers with 154 points

Balls of Chaos were the ninth team of the event and came in with a false start! The team got a redo. They came out with a below average showing with only 210 points. That is not going to help them in the long run.

The Chocolatiers followed as the tenth team of the event. They were low on the standings and needed a good showing in the balancing event to keep their dreams alive. They sadly did not end well with only 172 points.

Team Galactic came in as the eleventh team of the event. Their fanbase was hoping for something to show for in this event. They ended with a showing of 300 total points which is not bad at all.

Thunderbolts were the twelfth team in this event; another team in the lower half of the overall standings that hoped for some more light in this event. Two of their teammates earned over 105 points and a one teammate was a finisher! They ended with 408 total points, a new record and surpassing the Crazy Cat Eyes in the event!

Hazers followed as the thirteenth team in the event. Two teammates came in as finishers and another earned 107 points. With all the points added together, the Hazers ended up with 438 total points and broke the record for the third time in the event, surpassing the Thunderbolts!

The Green Ducks came in as the fourteenth team in the event. Green Ducks ended up with two finishers and a total of 304 points!

Raspberry Racers came into this event as the fifteenth of the event. Their fanbase was itching for a good showing here to repeat their silver medal success in the Funnel Race. Sadly, they ended up with a total of only 199 points.

The final team of the event was the Savage Speeders, the top team of the leaderboard at the moment. They came down with one finisher and nothing much else. They accumulated a total of 268 points.


The Final Leaderboard for Event Three – Balancing:

    1. Gold Medal – Hazers with 438 points
    2. Silver Medal – Thunderbolts with 408 points
    3. Bronze Medal – Crazy Cat Eyes with 351 points
    4. Green Ducks with 304 points
    5. Team Galactic with 300 points
    6. Mellow Yellow with 273 points
    7. Savage Speeders with 268 points
    8. Oceanics with 234 points
    9. O’rangers with 226 points
    10. Midnight Wisps with 220 points
    11. Indigo Stars with 215 points
    12. Balls of Chaos with 210 points
    13. Pinkies with 200 points
    14. Raspberry Racers with 199 points
    15. Chocolatiers with 172 points
    16. Jungle Jumpers with 154 points
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