MarbleLympics 2019 Event Review E6 – Relay Run

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The sixth event of the MarbleLympics 2019, is the relay run! One of the favourite events among the fans! Needing both speed and teamwork anything can happen with this kind of event. But what did happen? Read below!

Hazers have recently stolen first place from the Savage Speeders who have been impendrabable in the first two events but slacked in the last two events making them lose their lead. Many teams like the Green Ducks and the Crazy Cat Eyes have come from nowhere and are now in contention for first place. They are looking for a strong finish today to keep up the momentum. Favourite teams like the Oceanics and the O’rangers have really not lived up to there past seasons and are in the lower spectrum of the standings.

There are four heats, before the Semifinals and Finals. The first heat involves the teams of Team Galactic, Oceanics, Green Ducks and Balls of Chaos. Team Galactic fans are surprised at how poor they have been in the past events and hoping for something to turn them around here in this event. Balls of Chaos are looking for a podium finish here to throw them farther up the standings and keep them alive here in 2019. Balls of Chaos have a fast starting, flying through to the first handoff. The others are close behind. Balls of Chaos continue to further there lead to the second handoff. Oceanics seem to be closing in on the Balls of Chaos at the third handoff. The third handoff goes poorly for the Balls of Chaos as they fall to the last place. Green Ducks pass fast going into first, but Team Galactic come out of nowhere and take second place, only losing by a millisecond! What a heat! Green Ducks and Team Galactic will be moving onto the semifinals!

The second heat involves the teams of Indigo Stars. Savage Speeders, Thunderbolts and the O’rangers! Indigo Stars are really in need of a good finish in this event, for there hopes to stay alive in 2019. Savage Speeders need to go back into there old form here in this event, or risk being passed by other teams. Thunderbolts are in the middle pack, a podium finish will really help there cause. They are neck and neck through to the first handoff. Savage Speeders gain a little of a lead on the Indigo Stars but all teams in contention at this point. Savage Speeders are still in the lead to the third handoff but O’rangers are moving quickly and jump from last into second. The last handoff and the Thunderbolts come from nowhere and take the victory! Thunderbolts and the O’rangers will be moving onto the semifinals!

The third heat involves Midnight Wisps, Raspberry Racers, Pinkies and Mellow Yellow! Midnight Wisps are known as a team with a lot of history and have not really made an impact so far. Raspberry Racers are slowly doing better each event and hope to keep the momentum in this event. Pinkies are the worst team in 2019 so far and need anything to happen to them in this event. Mellow Yellow has recently shown they are here to stay and hope for more of the same. Mellow Yellow is quick out of the gate and into a short lead to the first handoff. Midnight Wisps fall to a crawl as they are way behind the other teams after the handoff. Mellow Yellow is passed by both RR and the Pinkies into the last handoff. Pinkies gain a lot of speed and end in second place followed shortly behind by the Raspberry Racers who win the event! Raspberry Racers and Pinkies will be moving onto the semifinals! Midnight Wisps are DQed after knocking over the starting block!

The last heat involves the teams of the Hazers, Crazy Cat Eyes, Chocolatiers and the Jungle Jumpers. Chocolatiers have not been so hot in the beginning five events and hoping for better in this one. Jungle Jumpers have shown some light in the last event be need a lot more of that in the upcoming events for a shot at first place overall. Chocolatiers have a short lead going into the first handoff before they drop heavily into the last place as the Crazy Cat Eyes and Jungle Jumpers are in a battle for first. Jungle Jumpers continue to lead into the third handoff, with CCE on their tails. After the last handoff, Hazers come out of nowhere and knock Crazy Cat Eyes out of second. Jungle Jumpers finish first then the Hazers! Jungle Jumpers and the Hazers will be moving on to the semifinals!

Semifinals Group A involves the Pinkies, Hazers, O’rangers and the Green Ducks. Through the start and into the first handoff the teams are neck and neck. A great handoff by the Green Ducks throws them flying into a huge lead into the second handoff. Green Ducks continue with that momentum holding a huge lead into the third handoff. Green Ducks fly easily into a victory with all other teams far behind. Pinkies and O’rangers are in a photo finish for second. Seems to be a tie! They will have a one on one to see who finishes second! Insane! The O’rangers cruise in the standoff and take second place. The Green Ducks and O’rangers will be in the finals!

The last end of the semifinals, Group B involves the Raspberry Racers, Thunderbolts, Team Galactic and Jungle Jumpers. There seems to be a false start appealed by RR, a reset is under effect. All teams are neck and neck into the first handoff. Raspberry Racers gain a tiny lead, with Jungle Jumpers falling far back due to a bad handoff. Raspberry Racers gain a bigger lead to the end where they finish first. Thunderbolts manage to come out on top for the battle for second. The Raspberry Racers and Thunderbolts will be moving onto the finals!

The finals are about to start involving the Thunderbolts, O’rangers, Green Ducks and the Raspberry Racers. One of these teams is going home without reaching the podium. Raspberry Racers are in the lead to the first handoff, but a great handoff by the O’rangers send them down flying fast all the other teams and into first to the second handoff. Green Ducks have now moved into second, gaining speed on the O’rangers to pass them at the ending to gain the victory! Green Ducks earn a gold medal in this event. O’rangers earn a silver and Raspberry Racers with the bronze.

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