Statement on the Midnight Bay Qualifying

After tedious review of the track and the facts surrounding the early start, we have determined there was no cheating or interference from the Savage Speeders. We ask our fans to remain respectful of the process. We, as a committee, have agonized over the ins and outs of each qualifier and each race to see if there was any issues.

To see if Speedy had a significant advantage, we compared the racer’s times coming out of the gate with Clementin’s times, who did see a clean start. If Speedy went out the gate unfairly quickly, you should see Speedy going faster than Clementin in the first seconds.

But Speedy was on pace with Clementin through the first turn and straightaway. The gap only developed until the middle of Turn 2, and that was because Clementin bumped the curb in a way Speedy did not.

We respect our fans and the race dynamics and understand that some of your are angry, but the truth of the matter is that the facts are that there was no interference between racers and the race happened as normal, just as it had in the beginning of the season where multiple marbles launched for qualifiers. There was also another previous early jump at the Short Circuit that did not draw as much attention as this one did. We are consistent with our ruling here.

We all care about the integrity of the races and to not accidentally bias one team over the other. That is why we only interfere when there is an obvious track malfunction or similar error.

Thank you,

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