He came from nowhere. He had a meteoric rise, and he quickly became the leading figure in sand racing.

But suddenly, it all fell apart.  MSPN proudly presents the inside story of a marble’s rise and fall. His journey to the top and his massive scandal. His friends and his enemies, his fans and his critics.

This marblementery has interviews with 5 marbles who have competed with Red Number 3. They tell of his rise to the top, and give their takes on the scandal. But much more than that…

u/ExcitingPresentation, the person who originally broke the story of the scandal, has agreed to appear on this documentary. He’ll tell the story of how he figured it out, and give his opinions on the next steps to take.

A special guest will also appear in this marblementery. His unique role in Red Number 3’s life has offered him an insightful perspective into the scandal, although he has asked to remain anonymous until the documentary premieres.

And finally, to top it off, Rick O’Shea will sit down for a live interview with Red Number 3 himself, speaking publicly for the first time since the scandal.

This documentary gives a detailed look into the Red Number 3 scandal. You don’t want to miss it. The live premiere of Not A Marble: The Rise and Fall of the Most Controversial Figure in Marble Sports History will be streamed live on MSPN on Febuary 1st at 8 PM EST.

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2 Replies to “The First Marblementery”

  1. RN3 deserves to race like any other marble! The Marble Racing community cannot stand for hateful exclusion, and must go to the side of inclusivity and diversity! We love you RN3!!!!

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